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Reliability. Savings. Established in 1961, Leasco has been dedicated to offering top-quality used tractors and trailers at competitive prices. Our focus on value and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted choice in the industry. Start your journey with Leasco today and experience our commitment firsthand.

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Why Leasco? Discover our trailer lease program in just 3 easy steps. At Leasco, we offer straightforward solutions for cost-effective transportation. Leasing your first trailer with us is simple and hassle-free, designed to support your business with ease. Experience the practical advantages of leasing with Leasco today!


Our experienced technicians have inspected each tractor to provide details on their current condition. Purchasing a used tractor from Leasco is an excellent way to expand your fleet without breaking the bank.


Leasco specializes in commercial bulk. We have a variety of commercial tankers to include pneumatic trailers and multi-purpose liquid trailers.


Experience the ease of acquiring a trailer from Leasco at competitive rates, all while backed by our commitment to best serve you with exceptional customer service!

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